UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, in partnership with ORO Editions, is set to launch the next in their series of books capturing the essence of the place and the people behind some of our regions most significant and celebrated examples of west coast modern architecture. The series began with the 2014 release of “House Shumiatcher” by Leslie Van Duzer followed by “Downs House II” by Chris MacDonald in 2016. Building on this legacy, the next three book launches have been announced for later this spring which will include “Merrick House” by Tony Robins, “Binning House” by Matthew Soules, and “Freidman House” by Richard Cavell. “Copp House” by Adele Weder is set to release in the late summer. Each book is an opportunity to engage more intimately with a uniquely designed architectural landmark, the great Canadian architect who designed it, and the architectural movement that has come to  so heavily influence the traditions, values and principles of our design community and city building efforts.

Launch Dates:

April 20 – Merrick House – Tony Robins – Book InfoEvent Registration – Purchase

May 4 – Binning House – Matthew Soules – Book Info – Event Registration – Purchase

May 18 – Freidman House – Richard Cavell – Book Info – Event Registration – Purchase

September 15 – Copp House – Adele Weder – Book InfoPurchase


Inform Interiors, 50 Water Street, Vancouver – 5:00-7:00pm