Wheels of Fortune focusses on the ways that materials and scale become generators of space and effect. Students were asked to design an enclosure and supportive modifications for a LARRY VS HARRY – BULLITT *cargo bike. As a small and highly charged environment, this glowing space occupies an alley in downtown Vancouver. Using only recycled items as your raw materials they were tasked to create a small realm for a fortune-telling alchemist. When visitors enter this space, they’ll receive glimmers of the future, while marvelling at transformation of common materials extracted from the waste stream of their lives.

Several things were considered in this exercise:

Materials: what kind of recycled materials are your palette?… what are they made from?…what are their latent material and formal qualities?…how large are they?…what shapes to they make?…what happens if you try to join multiples of them together?… how will you do that?….how important is it that they retain an index of their former selves?… what are their material properties having undergone transformations?…what is the relationship between the materials and the fortune telling ritual?

Rituals: how are the fortunes told?… tea? cards? sticks? omikuji? a duck who paints a picture? what kind of ritual exchange occurs?…how much space does that take?… It is for just 2 people or 3 or 4 or…?… how do the materials you’ve selected reinforce the fortune-telling?… is there a take-home remnant of the fortune-telling process?…what kind of emotional and haptic sensations do you wish to create to facilitate the experience?

Exhibition Details

Wheels of Fortune
February 3, 2023 | 6:00pm
Bothkinds Project Space
1–140 E Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC