Well-designed infrastructure brings social value that far exceeds its initial construction expenditure, but competition for scarce government funds and a general public perception of infrastructure as mere efficiency, has often left design ill-considered. Design Capital offers strategies and tools for justifying public spending on design considerations in infrastructure projects. In naming and defining design capital, design can once again become part of the discussion and realization of every infrastructure project.

Sherry McKay has a PhD in architectural history from the University of British Columbia and is Professor Emerita in the School of Architecture and Landscape at the University of British Columbia (UBC SALA) and the inaugural Chair of SALA’s architecture program (2006–09). She served as book review editor for Building Research & Information, UK and co-editor of the West Coast Modern House Series. Recently published is “West Coast Land Claims,” a chapter in Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to the Present.

AnnaLisa Meyboom is an Associate Professor at UBC SALA. Her research interrogates future applications of technology in the design of our built environment. She holds a degree in engineering from University of Waterloo and a Masters of Architecture from the University of British Columbia. She designs and writes about future infrastructures and the use of advanced digital tools in the design and fabrication of architectural form.

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Design Capital: The Hidden Value of Design in Infrastructure
January 24, 2023 | 5:00–7:00pm
Inform Interiors
50 Water Street
Vancouver, BC