On October 5th, UBC SALA and Inform Interiors present the launch of Daniel Roehr’s book, Multisensory Landscape Design: A Designer’s Guide for Seeing.

The interaction of our bodies in space is intrinsically linked to the ways in which we design. In spatial design we tend to focus on solely the visual, often treating it as the dominant sense while ignoring the other four senses: touch, sound, smell, taste. While research has been carried out on the perception of multisensorial experiences and design in the last two decades, there is no combined resource on how to address multisensory design in landscape architecture, architecture, urban and environmental design. This is a textbook for design students, professionals, and educators to develop multisensorial literacy. This book is the first of its kind, providing introductions on each of the five senses, along with exercises that demonstrate how to observe, record, and visualize them. It explores current design school pedagogy, and how we might imagine a more mindful way of teaching. The book is a foundational resource for students, professionals, and instructors to understand and ultimately create multisensorial spaces that are inclusive for all. This book imagines a world where seeing is redefined in a way that encompasses all of the senses—not just the visual.

Daniel Roehr teaches Landscape Architecture at SALA and is a licensed landscape architect in BC and Berlin. He is director of greenskinslab where his research focuses on the integration of living roofs as part of holistic systems for storm water management. Daniel coauthored the book “Living Roofs in Integrated Urban Water Systems” (Routledge 2015) and regularly publishes. He also runs a hand drawing blog and Instagram account which archives 30 years of his architectural and landscape architectural hand drawings to inspire students to continue to use hand drawing as a design and research tool additional to current digital modelling applications.

Event Details

Daniel Roehr | Multisensory Landscape Design
October 5, 2022 – 5:00 to 7:00pm
Inform Interiors, 50 Water Street, Vancouver, BC