Patkau Architects, in partnership with Princeton Architectural Press, is set to launch their new book “Material Operations” in Vancouver on June 22nd at Inform Interiors. This new book looks to provide fascinating insight into their exploration of and play with the inherent properties of the materials they so masterfully use.

“Patkau Architects is known for creating innovative, sculptural buildings that convey artistic expression through the purposeful use of materials. Patkau Architects: Material Operations reveals the architectural philosophy and techniques that drive the firm’s extraordinary constructions. Working directly with materials, bending them, breaking them, feeling their texture, mass, and strength provides a depth of understanding that visual observation along cannot. The firm’s creations demonstrate how attending to and playing with specific materials yields a refreshed and expanded perspective on the possible. Patkau Architects: Material Operations investigates how the qualities of commonly available construction materials and unconventional techniques produce buildable, expressive forms with inherent structural capacities and evocative identities.” – Princeton Architectural Press

Book Launch:

June 22 at Inform Interiors in Vancouver- Book InfoPurchase


Inform Interiors, 50 Water Street, Vancouver