The West Coast Modern League congratulates Cornelia Oberlander, Richard Henriquez, and Gregory Smallenberg on their recent appointments to the Order of Canada.

  • Cornelia Oberlander: Companion of the Order of Canada
  • Richard Henriquez: Member of the Order of Canada
  • Gregory Smallenberg: Member of the Order of Canada

Words of wisdom from Cornelia Oberlander, during a recent speech at Concordia University.

Cornelia Oberlander: “My career has brought great opportunities, dishing out challenges and successes in equal measure. Since I was a child, always looking for inspiration, needing respite from the details of my professional years, the natural world continues to draw me outside.

Try to remember, when the noise is too great and the demands endless – find a place where the birds are singing, where the rising sun will touch your face, where the dirt of the earth will stick between your toes. Maintaining a connection to the land, the waters and the sky is vital to nurture yourself and your work […]

I believe that many of you already know the power of one among many: Your individual intentions, paired with those around you, have yielded great results in your studios and seminars. With this same spirit of supporting one another through successes and failures, remember to listen to each other and you will meet the challenges of tomorrow. So, go forth with courage into this new world, equipped with both local and global aspirations, which challenge you to perform at your best.

Take the words of Buckminster Fuller, the great architect and futurist: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”” – The Globe and Mail. June 27, 2018.