All Fall Down comprises a series of sculptures made by Martha Sturdy from wood salvaged from a stand of ancient trees in Pemberton, BC. These sculptures explore the themes of climate change, extreme weather, and the natural life cycle. Selected because of their long, undulating forms, which reveal grain and composition, this wood offers a sharp contrast to smoothly-milled lumber. Sturdy treats these pieces of wood with fire and then applies black stain and resin, heightening their inherent drama and imperfections. These works not only embody Sturdy’s concerns regarding climate change, but also demonstrate a deep respect for the natural world. For many, these new works will likely surprise: gone are the synthetic and polished finishes of her resin work, replaced with a jagged quality, jarring, yet still beautiful.  These sculptures represent a culmination of Sturdy’s work, revealing an underlying tension around materiality that she has consistently sought to balance throughout her career.

Martha Sturdy received her BFA in sculpture from the Vancouver School of Art in 1978. Her accolades include an honorary doctorate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and a Golden Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada.

Event Details

Martha Sturdy: All Fall Downs
October 19 – December 17, 2022
West Vancouver Art Museum
680–17th Street
West Vancouver, BC