Focusing on the work of four innovative and groundbreaking BC architects (Ron Thom, Henry Schubart, John Di Castri and Richard Hunter), the exhibit delves into the design philosophy behind four unique residential projects in the Greater Victoria and Southern Gulf Islands region. Through photographic, artistic, video, and architectural craft representations, these stunning local examples of organic architecture will be illustrated as never before.

While the term “organic architecture” can be interpreted and applied in many ways, it was first widely used by the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). For Wright it signified an over-arching design philosophy which draws its primary inspiration from the natural world and our human place within it. From the Ground, Into the Light explores this philosophy as it was interpreted and applied to forests and sheltered coastline of the south-central Salish Sea. 

The exhibit will open with an informative panel discussion which will take place at 7pm on June 27th. Speakers will include architectural writer and curator Adele Weder, architectural historian and theorist Kristina Leach, and Schubart biographer Michele Dunkerley

Exhibition Details

From the Ground, Into the Light: Organic Architecture of the Islands, 1950-2000
Opens June 27, 2024
Wentworth Villa
1156 Fort Street
Victoria, BC