The West Coast Modern League (WCML) exists to identify and advance understanding, appreciation, identification and meaningful preservation of significant postwar architecture of the North American west coast, with a special focus on Greater Vancouver.

The WCML carries on its activities through public programming; partnerships with municipalities, governments, professional organizations, like-minded societies in other locales and disciplines and educational institutions; and through individual home-owners, vendors, purchasers and agents. As well as public advocacy for and selected stewardship of significant works of postwar architecture, the WCML’s activities may include lectures, debates and media outreach, and the support of publications, competitions and other projects that encourage a stronger architectural culture.

The WCML is officially registered under the British Columbia Registry as a nonprofit society on track to acquire charitable foundation status in due course.



Steve Gairns Intern Architect / WCML Chair

Adele Weder Writer / Curator

Chelsea Louise Grant Intern Architect

Geoffrey Massey Architect

Jeanette Langmann Art Dealer

John Patkau Architect

Kim Smith Architect

Kiriko Watanabe Curator

Wendi Campbell Chartered Professional Accountant



Cameron McLellan Heritage Advocate

Gavin Froome Art Director / Film Maker

Mike Bernard Film Maker