Statement from West Coast Modern League on impending sale of B.C. Binning House

After a lengthy court battle, the 1941 historic B.C. Binning House will be put on the market and the net proceeds will go to the University of British Columbia, as per the secondary wish stated in the will of Jessie Binning. Jessie’s first wish, as expressed in her will, was to have the House maintained for historic and scholarly purposes for the wider community. In the spirit of collaboration, we call upon the Trustees and UBC to seek a buyer whose own intentions honour the essence of Jessie’s first wish, who is appreciative of its unique cultural and historic value, and whose own plans for the house dovetail with the following:

  • commitment of a minimum expenditure of $250,000 to restore the House;
  • intention to allow limited periodic scholarly and community access to the House.
  • consideration of a heritage covenant under Section 219 of the provincial Land Title Act to strengthen the current municipal protection against alteration or demolition;

Along with so many others in the community and across Canada, we are hoping that the impending sale will generate a positive outcome.

Sincerely yours,

Adele Weder, Wendi Campbell, John Patkau, Mike Bernard, Kim Smith, Gavin Froome, Cameron McLellan and Jeanette Langmann
—Board of Directors, West Coast Modern League

Phyllis Lambert, Founding Director Emeritus, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal
Linda Fraser, Archivist and Chief Curator, Canadian Architectural Archives, Calgary
Cornelia Oberlander, Landscape Architect, Vancouver
—Advisors to the Board